Why do Physics?

Physics is the science that attempts to describe our world so that the student of Physics should find everyday activities interesting by looking for relationships between various events. Since developments in Physics and consequently the Sciences and Technology areas are changing our world, the way we live in it and the way we look at it, it is essential that an understanding of the basic concepts of Physics are achieved by those who wish to succeed in this the 21st century.


Where does Physics lead?

For students interested in following a career in any of the sciences, including Health Science, Physics forms an essential background in understanding the use of technology. In a previous survey, it was shown that virtually 87% of all professions and trades require the concepts and skills inherent in the study of Physics. New Zealand manufacturers are increasingly recognizing the need to be more innovative, and inventive ideas spring naturally from those with a fundamentally broad background in the sciences. Our Physics courses aim to provide the necessary information and practical exercises that will lead naturally to the development of these skills.