Why take Media Studies?

We are all exposed to the media - in its many forms - every day of our lives. Each visual or verbal text has been carefully edited to communicate particular ideas or characteristics, and it is increasingly important for us to understand how and why we are being influenced.
The Media Studies courses run at Howick College are designed to develop students' analytical, creative and commercial skills, as well as their powers of observation. Students are required to produce their own short films, do independent research into media issues and analyse a wide range of texts from classic films to comic strips. The ability to write essays and work independently are essential and there is a minimum entry requirement for each level.
The course aims to produce visually literate students who can articulate informed judgments about the media.  It encourages creative, technical analytical and social skills with a combination of practical work and class viewing, discussion and written work.  Students will also develop an awareness of employment opportunities in the media.  Media Studies is a rapidly growing industry and there are many training courses available in tertiary institutions with Media Studies as their focus.
More examples of the films created by Media Studies students can be viewed here: