The Language Support Department offers a range of programmes to meet the needs of ELLs (English Language Learners).  The main aim is to help students develop English language skills across the four modalities: reading, writing, listening, speaking.


In the senior school programmes focus on developing literacy for tertiary studies. This includes offering courses towards NCEA at both Levels One and Two of the curriculum framework.

Teaching Staff

Ms Stephanie Layec - HOD Language Support

Mrs Sidra Ali (Science)

Ms Lu Matthew-Ward

Mrs Esther Ong

Mrs Sonja Petkovic

Mr Richard Porteous

Ms Giordana Santosousso


English for New Settlers

This is a course designed for the needs of migrant students who would not cope with the demands of a mainstream English course. The emphasis is on developing the students' academic English skills in speaking, reading and writing in the variety of situations needed for secondary and tertiary study and in the community.


NCEA Levels 1 and 2 will be offered to senior students.

English Language Support

This is a course for all students (Years 9-13) who need further support withe English language learning. This course is taken in addition to an ENL class.


The emphasis is on developing accuracy and confidence in all modes of English. In addition to this,senior students are offered EL Unit Standards at Levels 1, 2 and 3. An opportunity is also given for students to seek support and clarification in other areas of the curriculum.


Pre-Foundation Course (ENF)

This is a course for senior students in Y12 and Y13 who have not gained literacy level and/or NCEA Level 2 - It is taken in addition to an ENS class. The emphasisis is on gaining literacy Level 1 and NCEA  Level 2 in Year 12 and a Certificate iin English Language Level 3 in Year 13. Students in this pathway are not working towards University Entrance (UE). 

Reception Class

This class is intended for ELLs (English Language Learners) who have just arrived into the country. Language support at this level involves assistance with the English language in social, family and academic contexts.


Students are taught Science, Maths, Social Studies and English with a very strong emphasis on the terminology and text types of these subjects.


Reception students progress on to mainstream and higher classes as they become more confident users of the language and are familiar with their school environment.

Self Access - IELTS / TPEFL

This is a facility offered in the Language Support Department which aims to encourage independent learning through the use of information technology.  This includes:

  • using a range of language learnign facilities available on the internet
  • interactive CD-ROMS
  • teacher directed units of work in an IT environment


This is part of a school-wide initiative to encourage and support self-directed learning with the aim to help students reach their potential.