eLearning at Howick College

Howick College is a 'Bring Your Own Device' school. Our expectation is that all students in Year 9 to 12 will come to school each day with an appropriate device that is ready to help enable their learning.


Chromebook, laptop or iPad? 

Device options have been opened up to include Chromebooks as well as traditional laptops. In the past, we have relied on devices that enable the Microsoft suite to be downloaded but as more and more of our digital tools are 'cloud based' (including Microsoft), and many of our students already have these devices from their prior schools, we have changed our policy to incude these devices. You can now choose between a Chromebook and traditional laptop however, iPads are not suitable - your choosen device must have a built in keyboard.


During class time, teachers will let students know when they are permitted to use their devices for certain projects. At all other times, students are to have their devices turned off.

Why We Are Passionate About eLearning

Students are in the driver's seat -

We are passionate about eLearning, not just because of the endless digital tools and resources that are available to modern students, but because devices allow students to be in the driver's seat of their own learning. We are excited that students now have the ability to find answers to almost any question posed and have a choice in how to best show their learning and be creative in ways previously impossible.


Independence and collaboration -

When each student has a device, they are able to independently explore and collaboratively create knowledge. They are able to extend the boundaries of their learning environment beyond the school and into the wider community. Our students have used their devices to work with local charities, video conference with film directors, publish their writing with people around the world and conduct authentic scientific research that has even been picked up by major universities.


Differentiated learning -

On a more day to day level, being a BYOD school changes the way students and teachers share work with each other. Not only do we use less paper, the use of cloud systems, such as Google Apps, means that students do not lose their work and are able to access if from any computer connecetd to the internet. Teachers are able to provide feedback to students much more quickly and students are able to personally message teachers. These things help give a voice to those who tend not to speak up in class and offer diffentiated support to learners who need more individualised instruction and assistance.


It's our future!

At this point in time, it goes without saying that students will need digital skills to thrive in the workplace and at university. We are proud that Howick College is a nationwide leader in preparing students for their future and enabling students to take ownership of their learning. We hope that you share our enthusiasm about this and we look forward to having you as part of our school community as we help our learners progress toward their future.

Device Specifications

If your child already has a device from primary or intermediate school, please ensure the computer does meet our minimum specifiations to ensure your child's device is fit for purpose at Howick College.


Our minimum required specifications can be viewed HERE

Preferred Supplier: Noel Leeming Botany Town Centre

If you need to purchase a new device for your child, Noel Leeming in the Botany Town Centre has recommended devices and all the informaiton you will need. They understand our speficiations and requirements, and can help guide you to an appropriate device. They also have packages available including insurance and finance. Please make sure to let the salesperson know you are from Howick College when you talk to them.

Schoology Access

Schoology is no longer being used as the Howick College Learning Management System.

Please use the Portal to access your child's information.