ICAS offers students an opportunity to assess their knowledge in an international exam. An initiative of Education Assessment of the Univeristy of New South Wales, the exams are designed for every year level and are closely aligned to school learning. Results and certificates are presented to all candidates, with passes ranging from Participation to High Distinction.


The exam competition takes place each year in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other neighbouing countries. Howick College students gain Distinction and High Distinction marks each year and some have also achieved the highest score in New Zealand - Hanzhi Wang, Mathematics (2011), Tabby Adam, Writing (2015 and 2016), Emily Bennett, Writing (2016).


At Howick College, entry to the  ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) exams are open to students from all year levels. Although entry into these exams is optional, it is expected that students in upper band classes will participate.


More information about ICAS exams can be found here.


** Well done to all students who sat ICAS exams and congratulations to those who achieve Merit, Credit, Distinction or High Distinction results