Expressive Arts includes Visual Arts and Performing Arts. These subject areas offer our students a valuable opportunity to discover and develop their creativity on the stage or in the studio. Classes combine both practial and theory  work, and subjects within Expressive Arts are available from Year 9 through to Year 13 and are offered in NCEA. Many students go on to tertiary study in both Visual and Performing Arts.


Visual Arts - Art Practical / Photography / Design / Painting / Sculpture / Art History

Performing Arts - Drama / Music / Dance

Teaching Staff

Mrs Jilly Dryden - HOLA Expressive Arts / HOD Drama

 Mr Andrew Harman - HOD Visual Arts and Art History / Photography

Mr Matthew O'Ryan - HOD Music

Ms Santana Schmidt - HOD Dance


Mrs Lindsey Brown - Drama

Mr Lynden Clements - Visual Arts

Ms Sigrid Davis - Art History

Mr Alex Gleed - Drama

Mrs Greta Thomas - Dance

Mr Jess Sarah -Visual Arts

Ms Rhiannnon Smith - Visual Arts


Itinerant Music Teachers:

Mr Hamish Arthur

Mr Anthony Elmsly

Ms Carol Gilfillan

Mr Alister Morrison

Mr Tala 'Ofamooni

Mr John Seager

Mr Anthony Young