Why do Accounting?


Almost everyone practises accounting in one form or another on a daily basis. Accounting is part of measuring, communicating and interpreting financial activity. Whether you are preparing a household budget, balancing your cheque book, preparing your income tax return or running a large corporation you are working with accounting concepts and accounting information. 
In Accounting, students enjoy the challenges of learning new skills and appreciate the relevance of the topics covered.
Where does Accounting lead?
This course leads to tertiary education courses.  A school background in Accounting is useful for any person wishing to enter the world of commerce, business management, banking, tourism, marketing, insurance, information technology, resource management, finance, consultancy, advisory and self-employment.
Accounting is a core subject for almost every commerce degree in Australasia and it is seen as advantageous for all university graduates- despite specialisation. If you wish to be successful- be it in science, medicine, law or commerce, eventually you will be responsible for the management of money by way of budgets and strategic decision-making. Accounting prepares you to handle these funds in a responsible manner.