Howick College Parents and Friends (HCPF) is a working group of parents who give a few hours of their time each term to help make Howick College an attractive learning environment.  
We all lead such busy lives and as our children progress through their school years, our involvement with the school as parents often dwindles. HCPF provides a link for parents to be involved with their child’s school and education. 
We are not a fundraising committee, we will not ask you to sell chocolates or raffles, our main purpose is to support the school in completing projects that would otherwise take them a considerable amount of time. To date we have mainly been involved with gardening projects around the school including clearing gardens, trimming, replanting etc. 
We usually have one working bee a term and welcome anyone that has some time to help in the gardens – you do not have to be a gardener! Your children spend a lot of time at school and when contributing to your child’s daily environment you also get to know the school better and meet new people in the community.
HCPF has a very good relationship with the Senior Leadership Team and the Property Supervisor, who listen to and welcome any ideas we have. If you have any skills you would like to offer our group or the school, or have ideas you would like suggest we would love to hear from you.
To find out more or to become part of the group, please contact the Howick College Parents and Friends: Nadine German or phone 027 4741233.