Howick College offers many opportunities for our Performing Arts students to showcase their talents. Dance, Drama and Music is performed both at the school in our theatre and also at other events within the community such as the Uxbridge Arts Centre music concerts, KBB Music Festival, YouDance festival and more...



Please visit the photo gallery to experience more our Performing Arts talent:

Expressive Arts 2017


HOLA Expressive Arts - Mrs Jilly Dryden

Head of Drama - Mrs Jilly Dryden

Head of Visual Arts - Mr Andrew Harman

Head of Music - Mr Matthew O'Ryan

Arts Co-ordinator - Mrs Debbie Szopa

Howick College Student Arts Council

Arts Council Mascot

The Student Arts Council is a student body made up from students who have a passion for and practical knowlege of the arts, be it in one discipline or many.  They help to promote and develop the arts in drama, dance, music and visual arts within the school.


The Arts council work with the Arts Co-ordinator by assisting with: photography, props, costuming, front of house, stage managing, set up, marketing, and various other tasks.

Each member of the council works in a team that is responsible for a different area such as: photographers, visual arts, curators, website maintenance, House representatives, marketing, co-ordinators, video archives, event managers etc.
Our key objectives are:
  • To increase the profile of the visual arts opportunities particularly in the extra curricular field
  • provide more opportunities for extra curricular groups to showcase their works in schools and community events