East Auckland School Bus Changes 2018:

There is a major restructure to the East Auckland public bus service will come into effect in Term 1 2018. To find out how this may change how you get to Howick College, please go to this page: https://at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/timetables/school-timetables/east-auckland-school-bus-changes/.


As shown on the AT website, the following services are being withdrawn:

Please note - the changes do not affect any in-zone or out-of-zone buses that drop off/pick up from the Howick College bus bay. The Beachlands, Maraetai, Clevedon bus runs and Murphys H5, H9 and H11 bus runs will remain in place.


Purchasing Bus tickets:

  • for Brookby/Clevedon are purchased from the school cashier.
  • for Golflands-Botany Downs, Stancombe Rd, Dannemora Dr, Smales Rd are purchased from the driver.
  • for Everglades Drive, Southmall and Wattle Downs are purchased from the driver or the Murphys Bus office at 7-11 Heb Pl, Takanini
For further information about times, routes and costs are available from:
Howick and Eastern Buses; phone 273-3660
Murphy Buses; phone 268-6620.
Please check the PDFs below for the bus routes covered.
If you have any further queries, please contact the school reception; phone 534-4492 or email reception@howick.school.nz
Public Bus Route Numbers:
School bus route number Route description
S072B Highland Park to Howick Schools
S303A Howick College to Panmure
S309A Howick College to Kilkenny Dr and Chapel Rd
S310A Howick College to Mirrabooka and Burswood Dr
S311A Howick College to Dannemora Dr
S314A Botany to Howick Schools
S315A Smales Rd to Somerville Intermediate and Howick College
S317A Redcastle Drive to Howick Schools
S317B Accent Dr to Howick Schools
S317C Baverstock Rd to Howick Schools
S322A Smales Rd to Somerville Intermediate and Howick College