Sport at Howick College is an integral part of a student's development, and aims to reinforce the school's supportive learning environment, and our values of courtesy, commitment and citizenship.


Our sport programme caters for all abilities, whether the students are playing sport socially with their friends, or as a member of one of our nationally successful sports teams such as Sevens, Rowing or Underwater Hockey.


Sport has a positive impact on young people's physical health and international evidence suggests that increased participation in sport and physical activity can lead to improved academic and social outcomes, benefiting students, schools and communities. This is why Howick College is a founding school in the implementation of the Sport in Education project (SIE).

Welcome to Howick College! Term 1 is always a very busy time for Secondary School sport.

We offer a range of sports but for Term 1, we focus on Athletics, Cricket, Orienteering, Touch, Volleyball and Water Polo. Registrations of interest will be taken by the Teacher-in-Charge (TIC) or sports department and advertised via the Daily Notices and school website.

Note: Winter sports registrations such as Netball, Football, Rugby and Hockey will take place midway through Term 1.


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Fees -

these vary for each sport. A minimum 50% fee instalment will be required upfront before teams will be entered into competitions. Note: Howick College is liable for fees once a team is entered and there are no refunds from event organisers. When registering any sports, it is advised that full commitment is required to training sessions, games and any financial obligations.


Sports Department -

we are located in C17 which is very close to the main gym and sits above the main field.


Mr Tristram - Director of Sport -

Mrs Sotutu - Sport Manager -

Mr Mautairi - Sport Co-ordinator -


Sign up in the office for: Hockey, Football, Judo, Badminton, UWH adn Table Tennis!



Physiotherapy Services @ Howick College - Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri

Free under ACC

If you are a student or staff member and have injured yourself at school, sport or at home - come and see us at the school.

Pick up a consent form from the Health Centre, complete and return it, you will then be seen by the physio during school hours.

(students under 16yrs will need parent's signature)



Auckland Golf Teams Championships Tournament - will take place on Monday 14 May at Howick Golf Club.

To sign up for the school team, please sign up in the Sports Office (C17).

Open to all players but you must be a member of a gold club.

Sports Draw

Good luck to all for your games! #goHOWICK!


Please click here for the sports draw for 23 - 29 March (Cricket Boys, Cricket Girls and Waterpolo)

College Sport App

To stay up to date with all sports draws, results, cancellations and to receive notifications, College Sports Auckland now have a fantastic new app for mobile phone users.

We recommend all parents as well as students have this app, to stay up to date with all the fixtures of their respective sports teams.

Please click on the link below to see the new College Sports mobile phone app for Android phone users:

Apple Iphone users can view in ITunes app store: