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Copy of Prospectus

A copy of the prospectus will be distributed via mail and through contributing schools. Copies are also available from the Howick College reception office. A PDF copy is available to view below:

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How do you inspire a community of passionate learners?

Our vision statement is 'inspiring a community of passionate learners' which recognises the powerful impact we can have on one another. Those who are inspired will be the passionate ones who will influence othes and make a differnece. Inspiration is th ekey to awaken passion in learning and in life; where there is passion, there is motivation to succeed. Our collective aim is to inspire each other so teaching and learning is enjoyable, satisfying and most importantly extremely rewarding for all.


Our framework for teaching and learning along with the complementary Restorative Practice model means students at Howick College "experience a positive school culture and affirming relationships with staff and each other. Staff promote a strong ethos of care for students... [They] provide increasingly innovative programmes and are promoting academic excellence throughout the school."

(ERO, Education Review Report, 2012)


Students are placed at the centre of teaching and learning. We believe they should experience a curriculum that engages and challenges them.

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Our broad curriculum involves each student in a wide range of learning experiences. Each learning area is designed to engage maximum student interest and curiosity by providing learning opportunities that are flexible and develop an acute awareness of the world we live in. 


Through academic, cultural, social and recreational activities our students realise their potential to succeed.


"Howick College's curriculum is deliberately and thoughtfully designed to cater for students' diverse interests, strengths, talents and abilities... Students are well engaged in learning and are valued as active participants in the learning process... they are provided with high levels of challenge and opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving."

(ERO, 2012)

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We offer multiple learning pathways which are sensitive to and cater for the different needs of students. The courses offered are designed to prepare students for university and other tertiary institutions and the workplace.


In addition to the traditional academic subjects, vocational courses such as Outdoor Education, Sports and Leadership Studies, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Barista, Engineering and Building and Construction have been introduced to prepare students for future employment.


Innovative teaching strategies using SOLO taxonomy of thinking, Habits of Mind and Assessment for Learning place an emphasis on creativity, reflection and critical thinking. Students are encouraged to develop the ability to learn independently which helps them to be successful in higher education and training.


Our curriculum has a strong focus on skill development. Skills of research and presentation, skills in technology applications, along with communication and subject specific skills are developed in all subjects.


Sports Pathway

Howick College's participation in the Sport in Education Project (SIEP) has led to the development of the Sport and Curriculum pathway. For selected sports minded students, this offers a sport-contextualised curriculum in core subject areas. Generic work in Year 9 extends in subsequent years to cover topics such as sports nutrition for high performance; use of technology to improve performance; and core-conditioning.

Specific knowledge and skills for English, Maths, Science and Physical Education are incorporated into integrated learning experiences for our students, and provides them with multiple opportunities to reinforce and demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a range of sporting contexts.

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Subjects such as Biology, Geography and History have field trips to venues such as the Bay of Islands, Rotorua, Wellington and our own outdoor education centre at Waharau on the Firth of Thames.


Students in Year 10 may take a course which includes the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. Outdoor Education (a subject in Years 12 and 13) is widely recognised as the best in the country.

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Co-curricular Programme

Our co-curricular programme enriches our wider curriculum. Students have numerous opportunities to develop their talents within various groups including, the visual and performing arts, service organisations, sports and leadership teams. These programmes promote our core values, known as the 4Cs (courtesy, commitment, courage and curiosity) and are closely aligned with those of the NZ curriculum (excellence, ecological sustainability, community and participation).

The college has established a proud reputation in the performing arts. The quality of our school performances often rivals professional productions. Our music groups perform exceptionally well in regional music competitions.  
The value of citizenship is nurtured through students’ active participation such as involvement in house based charity fundraising, blood donation, environmental projects, and World Vision appeals. Our students learn to appreciate the importance of contributing to the wider community. 
The sense of teamwork as well as personal excellence is evidenced in the extensive sporting opportunities that we offer our students. These include all major sporting codes but also minor ones such as lawn bowls, underwater hockey, and equestrian. 
Student leadership is encouraged and nurtured through such opportunities as Head Boy and Girl, House Leaders, Student Council Leaders and committees, Peer Support groups and Year 13 leaders’ groups. The senior leaders have many opportunities to lead by example and manage events and activities.

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Central to Howick College are our strong pastoral care networks and systems. Underpinning our safe and happy learning environment is our commitment to Restorative Practice and shared belief in our core values of courtesy, commitment and citizenship.


In an environment where every student matters we pride ourselves on the quality of our pastoral care. "Students' personal characteristics are valued equally alongside academic progress and achievement. An extensive student support network provides a holistic and integrated approach to enhancing student wellbeing and learning... They experience positive relationships for learning with each other and teachers, and their engagement in learning is supported by an inclusive school culture."

(ERO, 2012.)

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Student Welfare

We focus on building quality learning relationships which value partnerships and teamwork and develop a learning community which respects diversity and promotes equity. This is illustrated by our behaviour management system which is based on restorative practices.


The well-being of our students is of critical importance to us. Students are supported through an expert and experienced team of health care professionals, guidance and career counsellors, tutors, deans and level managers.


Every student is placed in a tutor group and house for their entire stay at Howick College. New students are orientated and welcomed by peer support teachers and senior students. The vertical tutor system provides a safe environment for informal mentoring by senior students. The tutor group and house system play a crucial role in providing our students with a sense of belonging with tutors and deans guiding them toward a successful pathway through school and beyond.


The College has implemented Restorative Practice as a school wide initiative to develop positive and healthy relationships. This means promoting understanding and healing rather than assigning blame or punishment.


While the ‘traditional’ methods of dealing with unacceptable behaviour such as detentions and stand-downs may still be used, the college is committed to restorative practice as a positive strategy for repairing relationships.


By demonstrating our '4Cs' as core values in their behaviour, students help to ensure that our school is a safe and positive learning community, and they develop the personal attributes necessary to live, learn, work and contribute as members of our wider communities.

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How can I Enrol?

Enrolment at Howick College is governed by an enrolment scheme. To enrol a Year 9 student at the College, please attend one of our Enrolment \Evenings. To enrol students during the year, please contact the office to make an appointment for an enrolment meeting. A parent/caregiver must attend this meeting with the child.


More information about enrolling at Howick College, including our enrolment procedure and zone, please go to this page.


Please bring along:

  • the child’s birth certificate and/or passport (please also provide a copy)
  • two proof of address - one must be a recent electricity bill, the second can be water rates, council rates, purchase agreeement etc), and
  • copies of your child’s latest school reports.


Prospective parents should be aware of Government requirements for the school to sight an original birth certificate for all NZ citizens enrolling, or a passport and visa for students not born in New Zealand. As we cannot confirm an enrolment until these documents have been sighted, please make sure you have them available at the time of enrolment.


Out of Zone Enrolments

The Board of Trustees has determined that a fixed number of places for Out Of Zone places are available.


Application for out of zone enrolment can be made at the school office. If a ballot is necessary this date will be published and all applicants notified in writing.


Year 9 Rotary Scholarships (In Zone)

Each year the College offers financial academic scholarships to assist students in the first year of college life. The scholarships are provided through the generosity of the Howick Rotary Club who support the school. An infomation pack can be obtained by contacting the school office.

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