Dean of Minerva House - Mrs J Gibson -

Assistant Dean - Mr J Kumate -


House Leaders for 2017 - Bradley McAuley and Vuyo Dzaya.



Minerva house is named after the 'Minerva', which was one of three ships that brought some of the first settlers and Fencibles to Howick in 1847. 

House colour: pink 
 House mascot: The Pink Panther and Piglet. 
House charity: The BellyFul Foundation.

BellyFul volunteers provide meals for families with newborn babies, and families with young children struggling with illness. These meals offer valuable and practical support during what can be a difficult time, particularly for those without a network of family and friends close by. Minerva is proud to help this community charity, which has a branch in East Auckland.

The Minerva Junior Committee is proud to support 'Find Her Smile' a charity working hard to help fight sex traficking, aiding one girl at a time.


Photos from various House events can be viewed here.

Tutors for Minerva House