Dean of Irvine House - Mrs E Jones -

Assistant Dean - Ms K Hayter -


 House Leaders for 2019 - Coby McNickle and Molly Ward


Irvine House was named after one of the early English settlers. Captain John Irvine had served in India with the army and retired to Howick. He lived at 40 Ridge Road in a house he named Prospect Hill.

House colours: gold and purple
House mascot: the Lion - Leadership, fierce
Irvine has supported the Westpac Rescue Helicopter for the past five years and is proud to have raised over $14,000 for them. Irvine also provides students to collect during the charity's annual street appeal.
Photos of various House events can be viewed here.


Tutors for Irvine House

IR09BNC - Mr Bunce -

IR09JAM - Mrs Jaimeson -

IR09WOO - Ms Woodmass -


IR10SPA - Ms Sparrow -

IR10VAR - Ms Varughese -


IR11CLL - Mr Clements -

IR11MET - Mrs Metcalfe -

IR11ROS - Mr Ross -


IR12AIY - Mrs Aiyaaz -

IR12CHU -Ms Chua -

IR12FOW - Mr Fowke -


IR13BER -Ms Beresford -

IR13DON - Ms Don -

IR13SMC - Mr Smith -