Howick College House Mascots

Howick College has six houses which are headed and mentored by a Dean. Students usually stay in the same house throughout their time at school.


Each house is divided up into 11 tutor groups made up of students from each year level. This house and tutor system helps to create a sense of belonging and community within the school.  Inter-House sports, debates and quizzes are held to encourage House and school sprit - points are gained towards winning the end of year House shield.


Throughout the school year, various fun events are held by the Houses to fundraise for their chosen charites. These events are organised by the House Leaders and House committees, and provide opportunities for leadership and service to the community.


Photos from the House events throughout the year can be viewed here.


The names of the houses at Howick College reflect the history of the Howick area:

Bacot House / Bell House / Ingham House / Irvine House / MacDonald House / Minerva House

Tutor Group

Tutor time is led by the tutor teacher and takes place first thing each morning. All students must attend tutor every day as it is a time when:


  • School attendance is formally recorded
  • Absence or lateness is followed up
  • Vital school communications take place, eg: meetings, sports and culture events' organisation, information about careers and tertiary training, exam timetable, subject choices etc
  • School standards relating to uniform, grooming, punctuality or other matters are explained and reinforced

Whanau Leadership Group

WHBIS - Ms K Bisset -


This strong Maori student leadership group will have the opportunity to suggest and make changes to benefit the group, and the whole school. Members of this group should be leaders of themselves. This means these students have a stong commitment to the school's values and the school's 3Cs: courtesy, commitment and citizenship. The student needs to be a passionate learner within the Howick College community.


Students will be selected through an application process, the criteria for members who would like to apply need to meet at least one or all three of the following

  • must be committed to kapa haka and contributor to all practices and all events
  • Te Reo Maori is a subject on their timetable
  • have a strong connection to Te Ao Maori and be able to demonstrate their whakapapa to show this connection


Members of the WLG will be years 9-13 and retain membership of their own House, so each student will attend and contribute to their own House assemblies and events. Members will share with the WLG their own House experiences to create an enriched school-wide environment within the WLG.


Students applying for the Whanau Leadership Group will be required to :

  • maintain an appropriate standard of attendance throughout the school year
  • attend Powhiri and school events
  • be part of regular mentoring sessions
  • be confident and proud of their Maori identity and willing to learn, share and lead others.

Please contact Whaea Katarena for more information: