Quick guide

Note: The use of the word 'Parents' is used to refer to a single parent, parents, legal guardians or other 'responsible adult' with whom the student may be living and is responsible for all matters relating to the student's schooling.

  • The procedures set out in the Quick Guide below apply to applicants who are entitled to a State-funded education in New Zealand. Separate procedures apply to foreign fee-paying students.
  • All applicants must complete the official enrolment forms provided by the school.
  • It is anticipated that most out-of-zone applications will be successful in the ballot.
  • All students applying to enrol must attend an enrolment interview at the school and be accompanied by at least one of his or her parents.
  • Interviews for enrolments for the current term are held by appointment. Students are usually expected to attend school two school days after the interview.
  • Enquiries during school holidays: Phone enquiries will be answered as soon as possible, however this may be at the start of the new term. Email enquiries should be made to Luke.Doubleday@howick.school.nz .
  • If the applicant is not fluent in English but is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese or Korean the interview usually will be attended or conducted by a staff member who is fluent in the appropriate language.

Quick Guide

  1. Check that your child will be in-zone and have the appropriate citizenship or immigration status. (Out-of-zone applications for Year 9 are welcome but must be registered for the ballot before the advised closing date).
  2. Visit the school (Sandspit Rd, Howick) or phone Reception (09-5344492) with any general enquiries or to collect any forms and/or school prospectus. The Receptionist will arrange an appointment for an interview with the appropriate person. (Students 'pre-enrolling' for the following year will be provided with information about Howick College by mail-outs and through their Y8 school.)
  3. Bring to the interview:

    (i) Evidence of in-zone residency such as a recent power or phone bill, a long-term rental agreement with a receipt of up-to-date payment, an Agreement for Sale and Purchase (with receipt of payment), or a Statutory Declaration (available from the school Receptionist).

    (ii) If born in New Zealand, the student's birth certificate or passport, and a photocopy of either.

    (iii) If not born in New Zealand, evidence of entitlement to a free education. See Immigration Issues below.

    (iv) A good idea of the subjects the student wishes to take. To find out more about what subjects are available, please visit the Curriculum Section of our website here. The subject Pathway Map shows how subjects flow through each year level.

    (v) If the student is year 11 or above and has been issued his or her NSN number by NZQA, bring the NSN number and up-to-date records of NZQA results.

    (vi) The student's latest school report.

    The school prefers the School Donation to be made at the time of enrolment, or for arrangements to be made for regular contributions (for example, by automatic payments from a bank account).
  4. Purchase the school uniform (details can be found here.)
  5. Attend any aptitude tests that may be required. 

Donations & Subject fees

For information on school donation, subject fees and other fees, and how to pay, please go here.


The following is a brief guide only and is offered in good faith. For accurate details of a child's right to attend school in New Zealand call The Immigration Service at 09 914-4100.


If a family is coming to New Zealand on a Work Permit to arrange Student Visas and Student Permits before, or on, entry to New Zealand. The Immigration Service warns that it may take between one day and sixty days for Student Permits to be issued after entry.


The following students should have access to a State-funded education in New Zealand, up to and including the year they turn 19 years of age: ·

  • Students who are NZ Citizens
  • Citizens of the Cook Islands
  • Holders of an Australian Passport
  • Students who have NZ Permanent Residence
  • Dependent children of a holder of a current NZ Work Permit, provided the children have student permits
  • Children who have Refugee status


It should be noted that the status of a parent does not automatically guarantee access to State-funded education; for example, the child of a Permanent Resident does not qualify unless the child is also a Permanent Resident.


All foreign students must bring to their enrolment interview their own passport as well as the passport of their parent or guardian. Any student who is not a permanent resident or a citizen of New Zealand must have a current student visa and permit at enrolment. This is best arranged on entry to New Zealand and, on request, should be granted automatically to the children of a parent who holds a work permit.

Out of Zone Enrolments for next year (all Year levels)

To check our zone boundary, please go here.

  • Year 9: A ballot for out-of-zone places is held annually for Year 9 enrolments.
  • Years 12, 13: The school may hold a ballot in some years for out-of-zone places for Year 12 and/or Year 13 students.
  • Enrolment Packs for Out-of-Zone applicants will be available from the Office at the applicants Intermediate School (including all in-zone schools and other local schools including Clevedon School, Bucklands Beach Intermediate and Farm Cove Intermediate).
  • A ballot for out-of-zone places is held annually for all year levels. Information about application closing dates and interview dates will be advised.
  • Out-of-Zone applicants should, where applicable, follow the same procedures as In-Zone applicants however,
  • Students currently attending schools other than the four in-zone State intermediate schools will, if accepted in the ballot, have to come to Howick College early in Term 4 for their entrance test.