Application Packs for 2020

Enrolment packs for 2020 will be available from the end of May, 2019.

Enrolment packs (including information and application forms) are available from the school reception and are also distributed to contributing schools . An example of the enrolment form is available in PDF form to view only - please sumit your enrolment using the form provided by Howick College.


If you would like an Enrolment pack for Howick College, please contact us at: or phone: 534-4492

All necessary forms will be included in the enrolment pack.


An example of the enrolment form can be viewed here.  (Please use the current form provided by the school for your application.)

Participation Questionnaire

Year 9 students are expected to complete participation surveys or questionnaire. This information is used to build a database for the Sport Co-ordinator and the Performing Arts teachers so that students with special interests or talents may be identified and engaged in activities at the appropriate level at the earliest possible opportunity.


The Sports Survey also invites anyone who may be willing to be involved in coaching a code to register his or her interest.


The Participation Questionnaire also contains a brief survey of parents or caregivers who are willing to be involved in certain areas, for example the PTA, Drama or Sport.


The caregivers of all students are required to complete a questionnaire about their in-zone residential status. The completed questionnaire should be presented at the enrolment interview. (Both this questionnaire and the document setting our the Requirements for In-Zone Enrolment are based on the Ministry of Education guideline documents for schools with a Home Zone.)


Students must use the computer systems at school appropriately. All students and their caregivers therefore are expected to have read and comply with the Computer Use Agreement.


On the last page of the Enrolment Form there is a section setting out the Student Responsibilities and the Caregiver Responsibilities. In signing the enrolment form both the Caregiver and the Student are agreeing not only that they will act in accordance with the school rules etc. but also that they have read and agree with the conditions for In-Zone Enrolment and the Use of Computers at Howick College.


A Statutory Declaration may be downloaded and completed by parents or caregivers who are enrolling students under special circumstances. Please note that the declaration does not excuse any student from any of the laws governing enrolment, for example the in-zone residency requirement. A Statutory Declaration may be required, for example, when a relative takes full responsibility for a child who is not their own, or when a required document is temporarily unavailable.

Foreign Feepayer Enrolment

For information on enroling as an International fee paying student, please go to the

International Students section of the Howick College website.


Translations of some important forms are available in Chinese and in Korean. The forms have been scanned and presented as images of the original therefore they have lost some clarity.


The forms and information includes: computer use, contract, student questionairre and zone information.