Considering Becoming a Member of the Board of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees Election is scheduled for 7 June 2019 with nominations closing at noon on  Friday 24 May. If you are interested in becoming a member, you may want to know a little more about what it involves. 

What skills do trustees need? 
Trustees are active leaders in their schools and kura, just as your mayor and councillors are in the wider community. A Board of Trustees needs the same skills that a city council or other local body needs to work effectively. All trustees need to be able to:
  • work well in a team
  • understand and think about what they are being told
  • ask relevant and challenging questions
  • have good communication skills.
Boards also need a balance of specific skills and experiences to make sure that all the Board's responsibilities are being met, and that the important business of preparing students for life beyond school is being done really well. Some of those skills are:
  • passion
  • energy
  • people skills
  • honesty
  • integrity
Financial know-how and strategic thinking are also valuable.
Boards of Trustees do... 
  • Make a valuable contribution to the life of the school - through involvement at  a ‘Governance’ level (‘big picture’ policy and financial decisions).
  • Have 'raising student achievement' as their major goal.
  • Make decisions based on evidence e.g. student achievement data.
  • Receive regular reports about student achievement and programmes in the school — each meeting has some strategic focus items.
  • Follow an agenda at all meetings – agendas are published in advance and follow a schedule developed by the BOT at the beginning of each year.
  • Continue to communicate between meetings - this is mostly done via email.
  • Represent the interests of all students and their families.
Boards of Trustees do not...
  • Need to commit hours and hours of time each week - We meet 2-3 times per term for around 2 – 2 ½ hours, with readings, emails etc of between 4-5 hours. There is also the opportunity of being part of a sub-committee, and it is expected all BOT members participate in at least one of the sub-committees. We also have some meetings outside of regular board meetings to celebrate and understand wider school matters, e.g. HOLA evenings, Excellence Awards, Leaders Presentations 
  • Get involved in the day to day management or running of the school, this is the job of the Principal. However, we do get involved with ‘big picture' decision making through the creation of an annual plan each year. 
It is important our board is a representation of our community...
If you have an interest in being on the Board and want to understand more about being a trustee, feel free to visit the NZSTA (School Trustees) website or email the Board Chair at to organise a chat.

Board of Trustees for 2019

 Mr Roger Gribble ( Parent Representative ),

Board of Trustees Chair; Finance Committee Member; Chair - Property/Health and Safety Committee; Chair - International Students Committee member; Chair – Community Development Committee.
Roger joined the Howick College board after spending eleven years on the board of Reremoana School. He has three daughters, all of which are at Howick College or will be in the future. Roger has worked for a large multinational company in the finance and property area for over thirty years, and believes this background will assist in providing great insight into assisting Howick College to grow and always strive to be better. As Board Chair,  it is his role to lead the Board in the governance of the college and challenge the Leadership Team to continue to deliver the best learnings and opportunities for our students and community. 
He is very passionate about Howick College and enjoys working with the Board and Senior Leaders to better the opportunities for students and make Howick College first choice for in zone students.
Mr Keith Buchan (Parent Representative)
Board of Trustees Deputy Chair; Chair - Finance Committee; Property/Health and Safety Committee member; International Students Committee member.
Keith was elected in 2017, he has 25 years experience in the property and building industry both here and overseas. Over the last 10 years he has worked in education based in South Auckland working closely with Board of Trustees, Principals, Staff and Students. 
Over the last 10 years he has held positions as Property/Business Manager as well as teaching positions. He has a wide range of knowledge and is very passionate about education and the building trade.  Mr Buchan and his wife Leona, have 2 children who both attend Howick College.  
Ms Rachel Barker (Parent Representative)
Finance Committee member; Property/Health and Safety Committee member. 
Rachel Barker joined the Howick College Board in 2015 and is a member of the Finance and Property and Health & Safety Committees. She has had previous Board of Trustees experience at Somerville Intermediate and Good Shepherd School.
Rachel is CEO Designate at the Plastics New Zealand Industry Association. She has previously held senior engineering roles at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and has over 20 years experience in the manufacturing industry. Rachel’s son is currently in his final year at Howick College.
Mr Pino Scully (Parent Representative) 
Community Development Committee member; HR/Curriculum and Student Welfare Committee member; International Students Committee member.
Pino was elected to the board in 2016. He has worked in the international logistics industry for the past 28 years and is currently working for Hellmann Worldwide Logistics based at Auckland Airport.

Pino and his wife Tanya have three children, two of which are current students at Howick College with the youngest currently at Somerville Intermediate.
Janine McArthur (Staff Representative)
HR/Curriculum and Student Welfare Committee member; Community Development Committee member.
Janine recently re-joined Howick College having previously worked here for seven and a half years and is also a former student of the College. Last year she served on Botany Downs Secondary College’s Board, also as a staff representative.
She is very passionate about education and making sure that Howick College provides the best opportunities and environment for staff and students. 
Ms Joanne Verry (Parent Representative)
Chair - HR/Curriculum and Student Welfare Committee; Property/Health and Safety Committee member; Community Development Committee member.
Born in Taumarunui, Joanne feels that contributing to the Howick BOT is a way of supporting and giving back to our community. Joanne is the proud mother of a daughter in Y11 at Howick College and step mum to 3 other children aged 10, 16 and 20. 
Entering her second year as a parent rep on the Howick BOT, she is proud to be a part of a community of people who want the best for the students enrolled at the school. Health, wellbeing and education is at the forefront of her mind.
In her career Joanne has spent the past 12 years supporting people in to apprenticeships within the trades, particularly building and construction and works to facilitate connections between community and government agencies enabling a pipeline to sustainable careers.
When there is time, Joanne and her family enjoy the outdoors and travelling around NZ to see its many wonders.
Mr Ethan McCormick (Student Representative)
HR/Curriculum and Student Welfare Committee member; Community Development Committee member.
Ethan is a Year 12 student at Howick College. Beginning as a Year 9 in 2016, he previously attended Shelly Park Primary School and Somerville Intermediate. He has a particular interest in the environment and within school, is an active member of the Enviro, Culture, and Debating groups. Ethan sees his personal vision as making Howick College the local school of choice.
Mr Iva Ropati (Principal)
Ms Kathy Heaton-Brown (Board Secretary)
Meeting dates for 2019:

Wed  27 Feb

Wed 27 March

Wed 8 May

Wed 5 June

Wed 3 July

Wed 31 July

Wed 28 August

Wed 25 September

Wed 30 October

Wed 27 November

Meetings are held in the Boardroom and start at 6.00pm unless advised otherwise.

Board papers are mailed out on the Friday prior to the meeting. All agenda items and papers for the mailout must be received by Kathy Heaton-Brown by noon on that Friday.


Howick College BoT Charter and Annual Plan

Howick College Financial Statements


To view the full document please click on PDF attached below .