Board of Trustees for 2017

Left to right: Mrs Sotutu, Jac-Wye Chan, Dr Pandey, Ms Barker, Ms Addison, Mr Ropati, Ms Heaton-Brown, Ms Slattery, Mr Scully, Mr Gribble and Ms Biggs
Mr Roger Gribble (Chair),
Ms Rachel Barker
Mr Keith Buchan
Mr Ray Burge
Mrs Julia Harrison
Mr Pino Scully
Mrs Adelita Sotutu (Staff Trustee)
Ms Joanne Verry
Mr Connor Nelson (Student Trustee) /
Mr Iva Ropati (Principal)
Ms Kathy Heaton-Brown (Board Secretary)
Meetings will be held in the Boardroom and start at 6.00pm unless advised otherwise.

Board papers are mailed out on the Friday prior to the meeting. All agenda items and papers for the mailout must be received by Kathy Heaton-Brown by noon on that Friday.


Meeting dates for 201:

Wed  14 Feb

Wed 14 March

Wed 16 May

Wed 6 June

Wed 27 June

Wed 8 August

Wed 5 September

Wed 26 September

Wed 14 November



Howick College BoT Charter & Annual Plan

Minutes 2017