Co-Deans of Bell House - Mrs K Mitchell - and Mr C Dryden -



House Leaders for 2018 - Iva Livani and Blake Sellwood.


Bell House is one of the two foundation houses of the college. It was set up in the first year of the school along with Bacot House. It was named to remember Howick's early heritage and the lives of the fencible settlers.

 The building known as Bell House, which is situated at the Howick Colonial Village, was built as the home of one of the first officers of the fencible soldiers who had come from Britain in the late 1840s and '50s to settle in Howick. The building was later sold to local farmers, the Bell family, whose name remains to this day.

House colours: blue with white and gold 
House mascot: Cookie monster from Sesame St
Photos of various House events can be viewed here.

Tutors for Bell House

BE09GAM - Mr Gamiao -

BE09THG - Mrs Thomas -


BE10DSN - Mr Davison -

BE10SPE - Mrs Spencer -

BE10SEI - Mrs Seiler -


BE11HEU - Mr Heuer -

BE11HAY - Ms Hayter -

BE11SLA - Ms Slamat -


BE12DEL - Ms Dennehy -

BE12JNJ - Mrs J Jones -

BE12MOL - Mrs Molia -


BE13HLD - Ms Holden -

BE13UYB - Mr Uy -