Dean of Bacot House - Mrs D Fenner -

Assistant Dean - Mr A Gleed -


House Leaders for 2019 - Taylan Boyle and Ritisha Kumar



Bacot house is named after the surgeon that came out to the Howick area with the Fencibles. His name was John Thomas Watson Bacot and he lived from 1821 – 1888. He arrived in New Zealand in June 1848 and was the Medical Officer to the Pensioner Settlements. He was later a member of New Zealand’s 1st Parliament representing the settlement. His wife was the eldest daughter of the late Captain Alexander Macdonald.

House colour: green
House mascot: the BIG Green Bear  
House charity: St Johns Ambulance - Bacot house raises money for their charities from Cupids Day and mufti days.
Photos of various House events can be viewed here.


Tutors for Bacot House

BA09ALO - Mrs Al-Obidi -

BA09CHA - Mrs Chandra -


BA10CHA - Mr Chang -

BA10DAV - Miss Davis -

BA10PDN - Ms Pedersen -


BA11MOS - Mr Moses -

BA11ROU - Mr Rounds -

BA11TAP - Mrs Tapara -


BA12JNR - Ms Jones-

BA12KIM - Mr Kim -

BA12ONG - Mrs Ong -


BA13FAM - Ms Familton -

BA13SAI - Ms Kaur Saini -