Thanks again to the many parents who completed the survey. The survey results give a very positive indication of the perception of the school which was reinforced by the 2012 ERO report. We appreciate this feedback and also acknowledge that there are several important areas that still require serious attention. These have been included in the draft Annual Plan for 2013 with the survey being a critical part of the review process.

Unfortunately comparatively few students completed the survey however, we use the exit questionnaires of Year 13’s and numerous forums (Ropateas) to guide our thinking and planning. The staff has also had an opportunity to take part and their “internal” observations have also been part of the review process.
The survey indicated the following:
  • Very encouraging signs of increasing confidence in the school’s delivery from 2010 (81%) to 2012 (91%).
  • No area recorded a decline of over 5% (the percentages indicate “agreed” and “strongly agreed”).
  • The number of respondents has increased (142-191-327) and most areas have recorded higher levels of satisfaction.
  • Curriculum delivery has maintained the high levels from last year.
  • Communication with parents and facilities are standout.
  • Greatest concerns refer to student welfare – disruptive classroom behaviour
  • Most rewarding perhaps is the improvement in perception of the school culture and climate.
  • Having reached a possible plateau in some areas our next challenge is to shift the responses from “agree” to “strongly agree”!